Pictured:  Alexander Wilson School, located at NC-119 and NC-54 between Hawfields and Swepsonville.

When Alexander Wilson, a teacher in the Caldwell Institute in Hillsborough, decided to open a classical school of his own, Henderson Scott (1814–1870) convinced him to settle in Hawfields so the children in his community could be educated. Wilson moved into his home in 1851 and named his new school “Melville,” in honor of his former teacher, the famous Scottish educator and minister, Andrew Melville. Since that time the Scotts have been involved in education not only in the Hawfields community, but throughout North Carolina. As public school teachers, college professors and trustees, or administrators of the community college system, Scott family members have played a major role in North Carolina’s educational history.

Alamance County commemorates Alexander Wilson by naming the nearby school in his honor.  Alexander Wilson School is now an elementary school, but at one time housed all twelve grades.

Education is still an important to the Scott Family and the Scott Collection is available for field trips, history lessons and student research.  Please contact the curator, Peggy Boswell, for details.  (336) 506-4203.